Fun-based Custom Mobile Business Apps

Enjoy our newest creation to draw and reward customers…



Short play hypercasual mobile game for all ages

Catch the appealing bakery creations, but keep from dropping your personal items in your coffee.

Snag the Kafé Coin and win a free cup of coffee.

What could be easier?

It's not as easy as it sounds…

Game-forward Mobile App Design

Ditch the standard bulky, overly complicated and expensive POS customer accounts that require extensive coding, maintenance, and training.

Delight current and prospective customers with a free opportunity to win your goods.

The Tradegame Design Advantage

Your Business Brand

The game represents your company, store, and brand exclusively. We design with your visual assets or our artists create to show off your particular style.

Customizable Gameplay

Fully customizable gameplay is adjusted to suit your customers' taste. You choose game length, number of rounds, level of difficulty, and all other parameters.

Wins vs. Points

Customers would rather have fun winning something for free, rather than earn points based on their purchase history.

One-on-one Direct Customer Line

Tradegame's sophisticated cloud structure allows you to communicate directly and instantly with each individual:

  • Email
  • Mobile notifications
  • In-app notifications
  • Text message (SMS)

Contactless Redemption

Nothing is required for you or your employees to track redemptions for your customer/player accounts. Receive daily emails with spreadsheet lists of new player verified email addresses, prize redemptions—virtually any in-game data attached to a specific email address and account.


You determine the prizes and control win frequency and overall odds.

Automation - Speak at the Right Moment

We help you decide what subgroup of your customers you want to reach at specific times or when your conditions are met:

  • They have won something, yet not been in to your store to redeem it
  • You have a flash sale
  • They haven't opened your app for a while
  • You have big news to share immediately

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